Re: Superstition (A Halloween Message)
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> They have identi-
> fied the more militant evolutionists as the typical
> external enemy who induces group cohesion and
> the importance of submission to leadership.
> What I'm emphasizing here is that the Great
> Debate is not about the "Origin and Descent
> of the Species" -- it's about power and control.
> And the struggle is far from unilateral.
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Well said, however not everyone who believes in God, or at least, hopes to believe in God need be numbered amongst the Christian Fundamentalists. Why some of us are even hated by them, who bury their hatred under the veneer of "love". I believe that evolutionary adaptation is the stongest body of evidence that there is (along with the notion that the earth isn't flat). I also wonder about the hypothesis of emergence, and wonder how that works. I also believe in God, though I am not sure why, nor do I have an answer for evil, in this regard.

I am aware of the hunger for power that many religious leaders have (I am currently readling Hitler's Pope by John Cornwell) and am not naive in this regard. However, neither am I unaware of the mentality of some of the atheists, who curiously, seem to wish to proselytize their belief, and do based on the notions that all religions are identical to fundamentalist Christianity-it isn't so.