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Mon, 01 Nov 1999 09:38:40 -0500

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Ross A. Finlayson wrote:
> > Recent dream tokens are aborigine, red truck. Favorites include mountain
> > and flight. Levitation is interesting.
> >
> As I child I always used to try to fly in my dreams. All it took was
> running across my yard and flapping my arms. I'm not sure if I
> ever got off the ground and had a "bird's eye view", I think I
> generally woke up. There is that tricky problem your brain
> must have in a dream where you are rolling along fine and the
> next thing it has to do is provide an image of you looking down
> at the top of your house -- oppps, the recall mental image
> processor comes up empty -- time for a scene shift.
> Of course as you get older and you have reality checks in place,
> you probably gain a censorship process so you never even imagine
> what it is like to fly.
> Too bad as adults, we lose the dreams of childhood.
> Robert

It was pretty cool, several times that I remember, in a localized time period over a couple weeks. That is, flight dreams. It was themed with skiing. The context was above the tree line. A friend's presence was near, we didn't communicate. It wasn't anywhere I had been physically. So the dream context started with flight, it was a neat sensation. I flew past a couple skiers. Anyways, the series of flight dreams were initalized by sliding, slippery slope type phenomenon, then initial flight. When first starting, there are some other presences, they are there to reassure you to some extent, if only by their presence, they are presences in the same context that you are, in a way. There is a sense of freedom which is very itself. After some initial confusion, it's pretty cool. So that is my story about some dreams.

Some people keep dream journals, I think that's a pleasant idea, although do not or ever.

I often have dreams with a sexual context, mostly about women I have been with, one or two or three unknowns, mostly separately. Almost all dreams with these women have sexual content.

I find dreaming very pleasant. I am trying to recall unpleasant or unsettling dreams, the only ones that come to mind are danger to family.

Back to pseudo-science, dreams would be interrelated with any other companion of man, like astrology, psychology. Some might assign extra-sensory attributes in this category.

In terms of hard science and dreams, I guess there is REM sleep described by physical eye motor decalibration and brain wave cycles. I read somewhere that sleep is best partaken in 4 hour intervals, although to each his own.

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