Re: coin flipping

Ross A. Finlayson (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 21:45:34 -0400

My bad on the misquote. I realized it (ambiguity) afterwards, yet figured that everyone would notice that Rob's actual words started afterwards, thus did not explicitly correct. I think the stacked ">" quote convention is ubiquitous, although there is the stacked ":" and stacked "username", as well as others from configurable mailreaders. I cannot attribute the original statement to anyone for lack of record, he or she may claim it if they care.

Ross F.

Rob Harris wrote:

> Rob Harris wrote:
> > > I assert that it is completely impossible for you to flip a coin 1
> > million
> > > times and have it turn up heads every time. When I say completely
> > > impossible, I mean that it will never EVER happen, no matter how many
> > > times you try.
> >
> I didn't write this ! 8(