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Fri, 29 Oct 1999 02:40:28 EDT

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What is the uncertain and complex terrain?

Human's erratic emotion and behavior patterns, environment, heredity, etc. Factors that are chaotic and random. Nondefinable.

:>>Why do you have morals?

Because my parents told me I should, perhaps.... and because I love life.

>Why does anyone?

Some don't. Some do. Some need religion to allow them to. Some think about it too much!


Deserves? This is sounding like an attachment of arbitrary value to the established mode of (non)thought on this subject. What do you think? >>

This is not a scientific debate, 'attachment" is the key word here. We talk abotu conquering death and space travel but stil we act like angry morons even here on the list! Yet you want to dismiss this stuff as fluff. I say deserves and I mean exactly that: We get what we put into it.