Rob Harris (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:43:58 +0100

>>>This is the most simplistic thing I have ever heard.

>>And this means what? How does the overlaying of a plethora of unworkable
>>high level subjective rules, and the resulting complexity make for a
>>solution? This is the kiddies' "quantity is always best" perception.

>this is the most complicated thign I have ever heard! ( in fact i cant make
>heador tails of it!)

You said that my proposition was simplistic, implying irrational/stupid through simplicity. I was saying that it's not the complexity of an idea that makes it good, and also, how does breaking the one 'central' moral/guideline into many higher-level rules make for a better system? I argue that in fact, it makes the situation much, much worse (see my original post).

>>If you make them so. Remember - what are you trying to do with your

>oh I am not tryign to do anything with them except just talk about them

You are on to something here, whether you realise it or not.