Re: Will there be time to Relax?
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 18:45:21 EDT

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Right now we tend to be a bunch of lazy biological animals.

Speak for yourself, you animal!!! ; - )

>> A billion

years of evolution has ingrained in us a predilection for conserving energy between meals and enjoying relaxation. Modern cultural programming is mostly in favor of the opposite - work like hell and get ahead. Hence civilization's discontent.

This is true, but only because a small segment of mankind is privileged enough to enjoy the ennui of not having anything to do and hating it. Discontent comes more from lack of ability to rest when we are weary and confused (yes biological enhancement will make rest a thing of the past, confusion ... maybe), not some biological desire to sit around on our arses.

>>>When it is possible for me to thoroughly re-enigneer my wants and desires, I might choose to do away with the "rest and relaxation = pleasure" response altogether and replace it with an unchecked preference for growth and extension of myself. Then I could have the best of both worlds - continuous advancement and constant pleasure. >>

Desiring to reprogram your wants and desires is an odd thing to desire, will you reprogram the desire to reprogram yourself? ; ) Seriously:
IMO, some of the reason sleep and relaxation are valuable is the need to "process" and evaluate information. A need for unfocused thought will still be desirable, even if it is not absolutely necessary, for the simple reason that our best moments come when we are unfocused. Thinking... Musing... Drifting.... Sometimes known as "inspiration." Take that away you'll be little more than a chipmunk on a wheel.