religion once more....

Rob Harris (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 15:10:47 +0100

><< Thought. The specifics of any one
> system are completely irrelevant. Religion = reality shield for the weak
> minded.....and this is universal. >>

>This is insulting. It may be the truth but it's put in the meanest possible
>Religion is like a security blanket. It is often a foundation upon which
>people build their very lives. Be gentle when you tell them it isn't there.
>And if they see it!!

>...hold out your hand when they experience the inevitable vertigo.

Oh, I'm with you 100%. I make it a rule never to challenge religious people. It just makes enemies for you.
I had no idea before John Grigg's post that any of the extropians were religious! I thought 'Spud', to whom I was replying, was just playing devil's advocate between us (the list subscribers) and our religious guest that started this thread.
In fact, John's post made me feel pretty guilty! Sorry!