Re: Religion Bashing
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:23:47 EDT

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> I don't agree that religion is ten's of thousands of years older,
> The first guy/Gal who made fire independently was the first
> scientist, sadly that person probably was made the first
> priest/priestess.
> Yes scientists have been involved with warfare, and had I been
> there I would have served proudly. But Scientists did not
> torture/kill religious people simply for their views, theologians
> have....
> I've discussed at length previously the ridiculous notion of
> "civilians".

Now I think we need to quibble over what is science and what is technology, I believe the two are closely related buy not identical. Technology is essentially the making of new things, Science might be the discovery and measurement of things old and new. Fire-making, therefore, would be the domain of the "tech" and yes maybe even one of your "priests/priestesses".

However, taking your interpretation to it logical conclusion, then the "scientists" who developed the torture/murder implements of the Inquisition or the Witch Hunts would then be condemned by both of us for their enabling of "evil". I mean the Pear took some handi-work to create, as did the Rack and Iron Maiden. Lets look to Haber's development of chlorene and phosgene gases during WW1 for the Kaiser's army. Haber was a Nobel prize winner also.

What we really come to is not a separation of people into God and Atheist camps; but a more natural division of those religious and science-minded people who are
Ethical--and those who believe that all ends justify all means.


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