Rob Harris (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 11:08:29 -0000

>Cryonics is high on my list of thing *I* don't believe in, but other people
>spend money on!! Seems silly to me. I don't "bash" cryonicists, or accuse
>them of believing in pseudo-science (though i feel this way). I repsect
>and admire their audacity, and intent!!!!!

Cryonics is not a belief system, it is a gamble. These people spend a few grand to get themselves frozen after death on the off chance that they're resurrected by the cryonics company when the required technology is available. Of course, everyone accepts that the company, and it's assets (including your freezer) may not exist by the time such technology arrives, but many see the potential coolness of being awaken in the future as too great to miss - after all, it doesn't cost THAT much, considering what you might get. What most will also accept is that the technology might never arrive (although recent discoveries concerning the nature of aging, conceptions of uploading and so on would make this a naive view.) Given of the great possibility of failure of cryonics, the fact remains that there is a chance to be resurrected, and there is nothing whatsoever to lose (except a bit of cash), so sod it, line me up for a freezer.....!