Re: Reincarnation, Was Tao of Physics - fun claptrap (was religion
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 16:59:06 EDT

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> Yet, sounds like lunacy if they claim there is a next life
The Universe is yet young, by the limited understanding of most cosmologists.
So if organization and technology continue in a punctuated evolution-fashion over the next 10-20 trillion years; no doubt many things utterly ludicrous today will be 'plausible. No guarantees, tho'.


Just because we can fantasize about reincarnation does not make it plausible. We can say "someday we may find out the moon is made of cheese", but it won;t make the moon any more cheesy than it really is. I see absolutely no reason to believe in an afterlife. None. Zero. Worse, if it was true, it is of no use if we can't remember it, so what's the point of this fantasy anyway?

Tao de Ching never says anythign about that, someone just interjected it randomly I believe.