Genetics, nannotechnology, and programming

Skye Howard (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 17:37:21 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,
This is Skye with some odd tech ideas I've cobbled together by absentmindedly skimming through some of the more interesting posts (so I will need help on the technical details most likely)- had another thought/idea that might merit discussion- what about engineering some of those artificial chromosomes to create artificial structures- for example, an implant of some kind that would be inherited. I'm not saying that humans would be able to do this just by laying down a blueprint ofr something and saying, "Ok, doctor Jenny, go engineer this for me," and having them come back with little Borg mice or something- human thought wouldn't be too necessary for creating something like this. I mean, for example, you could enter the specifications into a computer as the "desired output" and then running it through one of those genetic algorhythm programs. What better application for genetic algorhythm programming than genetic engineering? Anyways, I suppose what I am thinking about are two things I've sort of thought about for awhile and haven't really gotten around to mentioningA) Genetic engineering of mechanical devices (possible jumps on nannotech using cell replication methods?) (inheritable implants?)
b)applications of genetic algorhythm programming to genetic engineering.
I have a lot of weird ideas like these to post, but I haven't written them out very well yet, so I'm gonna sort of do some research on them, and this one as well, and see if I can put together something more concise.
these are some odd thoughts I had awhile back. Tell me if they spark any ideas, outrage you, make you happy, or what have you- judging by the amount of sleep I've had in the past week (I've been a little busy doing some things) I'm not sure any of this makes sense:) Oh, and P.S.- I want to thank you all for your imput on the violence subject- It really helped!:) I got a lot of information together, and my biology teacher was somewhat amazed by the in depthness of the dataand he was sort of impressed that I even talk to you people- it was all very cool and wonderfull and it worked out well on everyone's behalf, plus from the number of replies I got I could tell it was something worth taking a look at by everyone.:)

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