Re: Sociopaths (was Re: Reforming Education)

Anders Sandberg (
21 Oct 1999 17:47:04 +0200

"Clint O'Dell" <> writes:

> >Why? Would you say it was unlikley that bad sight would be likely if
> >the occipital lobe is not well developed in a person? Social behavior
> >and personality are just as much brain functions as memory or taste.
> I don't think so. Parts of the brain that control heart rate, taste, sight,
> etc., are more directly related with those parts of the body and interact
> less. Reasoning, and consciousness on the other hand don't interact with
> the body directly but with each other. This tells me they work differently.

I wasn't disputing that planning works somewhat differently from seeing, but that social behavior and personality were not just as biological and easily affected by damage as the perceptual systems.

Actually, the basic cortical circuit is the same with minor variations across the entire cortex, including in the prefrontal lobes and the occipital lobes. The inputs and outputs are usually mainly the thalamus and other cortical areas, which ones depending on location. The difference is mainly which inputs each patch of cortex get. Even in the "highest" parts of the frontal lobes there are cells that receive inputs from the visual or taste cortex.

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