Re: Are there smartdrugs?

Anders Sandberg (
21 Oct 1999 18:03:34 +0200

"J. R. Molloy" <> writes:

> >Do they? The popular view is that they do, but I can't say I war
> >against my parents' values - I have different values, which sometimes
> >coincide, sometimes collide with their old values. My teenage revolt
> >must have been a very silent and discreet coup d'etat :-)
> Perhaps the degree to which (most?) children rebel against their parents
> relates to the extent to which parents attempt to impose their own values.
> I'd guess you have some wonderful parents who did not impose too much
> constraint of the ideological kind. I mean, you don't sound like the son of
> Davidian-style fundamentalists (it makes me happy to report).

:-) Yes, I think your reasoning is right. My parents gave me a very free upbringing, without influencing my values deliberately. While they were not fundamentalists, they were rather politically left at the start. The only exception to not influencing me was when they gave me the Quotations of Chairman Mao (maybe as an experiment). I didn't find it interesting. On the other hand, they also tried to give me some economics textbooks, which I didn't get either. I was far too happy reading encyclopedias.

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