Rob Harris (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 15:28:45 +0100

>So this is the picture of the world in 2050. A world in which
>machines are dominant, where humans, animals after all, are
>treated in a similar way to other animals. Humans are kept
>for their usefulness, and those who are not useful are removed.
>Humans must do what they are told."

I realise the above is from a work of fiction, but what is it with all this luddite drivel about AI wars all the time? Isn't anyone capable of more than 3 second bursts of half-assed thought these days...? So who's going to program the AI's with base motivations that involve concepts such as "dominance" and the wish to strive for it, then provide the necessary faculties/resources to do this? Not me or anyone sane, that's for sure. Surely it would be easier for a mad scientist with a grudge against humanity to launch all the world's nukes somehow, than to design and build a self-sufficient large scale extermination machine??? Or perhaps it's the old rogue vacuum cleaner scenario? "The machines got smart".... what a pile of crap. The "the body can't live without the mind" spontaneous wounds bull from The Matrix was more feasible.