Re: Humor and Intelligence

Cynthia (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 06:06:23 -0700

Damien Broderick wrote:

> Granted, there are giggling oriental gurus whose stream of mirth seems to
> be an expression of good feelings, unrelated to the gasping, thigh-smacking
> outburst of laughter at a great joke. I once had a girl friend who was
> usually smiling and laughing, full of fun, but almost - I slowly realised,
> to my horror and amazement - without any sense of humour. (But then my
> jokes are often so sardonic and cerebral and linguistic that *nobody*
> except me finds them funny. Awwwww..)

Yes. Most people claim to have a 'good sense of humor'. And I've gradually come to realize what they mean by that is that they smile and laugh. They aren't claiming at all, to be creative insightful people, capable of writing the opening monolog for the tonight show.