Re: American Psychiatric Association

Clint O'Dell (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 20:11:27 MDT

Phil Osborn wrote:
>The last thing I particularly recall about these jerks was when Thomas
>(sp?) ("The Manufacture of Madness," various other works) did his famous
>study in which he sent grad student volunteers in to pose as patients in
>various psychiatric hospitals. They were not to pretend to any symptoms,
>just act normal, etc. The "doctors" never caught on - but the real
>recognized that they didn't belong immediately. The "doctors" would
>interview one of the grad students, who would talk perfectly normally to
>"doctor," while the "doctor" is taking notes and saying, "uh huh, that's
>very interesting. Please tell me more. How does that make you feel ,
>- out-Eliza-ing Eliza! When the grad students would try to ask the
>a question, however, they could never get a reply, just more of the same,
>"why do you ask that?" Who was crazy here?

I've never read about this study but can verify the acuracy of the information. I was institutionalized for 3 years, because MY MOTHER had mental problems. Here is a list of some of the medications I had been prescribed and forced to take (please disregard my spelling mistakes) ridilan, thorzine, tegretal, lythium (caused an outbreak of psoriasis), clonodine, cogentine, haldol, and several others I can't remember at the moment. My diagnoses were always changing, here are a few. Multiple Personality Disorder (ruled out within a few weeks though), Associative Disorder, Identity Disorder, Attention Deficet Hyperactivity Disorder, hallucinates (Total bullshit), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, brain seizers, and other diagnosis. At the end of 3 years my insurance ran out and I was finaly released. I was completly normal up until they wanted to give me drugs, which of course I refused, then when they brought out the needle I broke one nurses rib, and gave another a concussion (I was 12). Afterwards I continued to refuse medication and they continued to attempt to restrain me and inject me with medication and I continued to severly hurt them. Consequently I was moved to more and more secure facilities (uncontrollable environments causing high stress) and I continued to act out more as a result. At this time (15 years old) I've learned to change the appearance of my personality on command and judge other peoples personality with great accuracy. I underwent several CAT Scans, MRIs, EKGs, and other tests. My IQ and other cognitive abilities were also constantly tested. Funny, the day I was released I became completely normal again. I continued to refuse medication (haven't taken a single pill, not even tylenal since) and have been just fine. No voices, no explosive outbursts, no personality changes (except by experiment which I still continue to perform), and attention problems, completely normal. My reason for bringing this up. These doctors need to get their shit straight! I never wanted their help, never asked for it, they shouldn't have tried. Who are they to think they're better than me? To think they know better than I do? To say my philosophy is wrong?

That's where my philosophy comes from. Don't help anyone unless they ask for it because your subjective philosophy is no better than any other subjective philosophy. All moral philosophy is subjective even if based from evolution, socialogy, or whatever, for morals are "what should bes" and not "what is".

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