Re: Are there smartdrugs?

J. R. Molloy (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:10:28 -0700

>Personally, I
>think one of the most valuable contributions any of us could make
>to the future is to breed like rabbits, and fight harder to blast
>the silly myth of overpopulation that prevents otherwise intelligent
>men and women from doing the same.

First we need to infect as many extropic-minded people as possible with the meme for returning to breeding like rabbits. That might entail countering the argument that no one has the right to interfere when those who breed like rabbits also die like rabbits during hard times. In addition, one should consider the effect when progeny decide against extropy, and choose to war against their parents (like every generation has a tendency to do). BTW, how many kids does Max More have?