Re: Reforming Education

Clint O'Dell (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 15:33:17 MDT

>From: "phil osborn" <>
Phil Osborn wrote:
>I would tend to hope that someone would read Rand before Stirner, so that
>they could absorb the good things he had to say without getting lost in

I can't believe it. For the past few years since I came up with my philosophy of selfism it seems to be I'm not the only one. How could it happen that I never noticed the names of Ayn Rand, Stirner, Adams, Anton Levay until recently? Completely uninfluenced by these people I wonder how closely I've come to their philosophies. Except for levay, I know his philosophies inside and out because the Satanic Bible was the first thing I ever read on selfism, who would you recomend for a summory of most of the different philosophies and applications of selfism?

-Clint O'Dell

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