Re: Feuding on the extropian list...
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 17:55:56 EDT

<< > We have discussed on this list the gender/sex role differences society
>> places on men and women so with that in mind I find the conflict and
>> reaction to it fascinating. The desire of the largely male group members
>> seemed very strong in wanting to negotiate a peace for female/female
>> conflict as compared to male/male conflict.
>That has absolutely nothing to do with it. I don't bother with, say,
>Lorrey and Dees because Dees isn't a leading transhumanist and Lorrey
>isn't likely to stop arguing just because I ask politely; there's no
>prospect that intervention would help, and no need. If two of
>transhumanism's top PR experts wind up refusing never to speak to each
>other, that's a tragedy. If Max More and Greg Burch somehow managed to
>start fighting on a public email list, I'd wade into that too.
>-- >>

Gender? This is absolutely none of my business - and actually I don't care much for the whole affair, but I want to say something anyway. I understand little of what is meant by: "leading transhumanists" or "Top PR people" but I do know Max More and Natasha Vita More - from their web work, Extropy magazine, and various movie/TV appearances, and Greg Burch posts regularly here, but I am not aware of the other person.

The person in question seems really interested in "putting" themself on that level. Not by bragging about what ever he/she has accomplished, but by saying they are out to get her & making a big deal over it. Obviously the people she thinks are attacking her are not very intersted in attacking. I haven't seen anything like that yet.

To this uneducated eye, it looks like the original poster is young at this game, and suffered from a little peer envy and a little ego "smarting" when being corrected by one's elders over simple mistakes re: FAQ's and figures (who is who seems to be not open for debate, it really is a matter of what you've *done* not who you *are*).
- Richard