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Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:49:35 EDT

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<< "neutral". That is why compulsory schooling is wrong and should be abolished. Parents should deceide what school their kids should attend to.

People *can* decide what schools to attend, it's curriculum that is monitored. : )
Standards are good. Eductational standards in public schools could be a lot higher, in fact. It's when they satrt outlawign Darwin and crap like that that things get scary.

IMO all people learning the same thing is probably good. It's kinda like how software has to be compatable. Let's imagina a world without educational standards.

: ) If people were teaching kids whatever the hell they wanted, we'd have some PRETTY interesting schools out there.

>>>If we don't allow this liberty to people, people wont allow us
>> our liberty and they are definitely in place to oppress us. >>

"just becuase your not paranoid... does not mean they're not after you..." ; - )