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If you're seriously considering donating sperm or eggs, check out
Rather then work through a sperm/egg bank, you will be directly in contact with the person you'll be donating to.

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>> Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>> > [...] I think one of the most valuable contributions any
>> > of us could make to the future is to breed like rabbits,
>> > and fight harder to blast the silly myth of overpopulation
>> > that prevents otherwise intelligent men and women from
>> > doing the same.
>> Why not take a trip to the local sperm bank and donate some
>> of those good Extropian genes?
>I thought of that, but unfortunately I'm not an ideal candidate.
>To a sperm bank and their consumers, IQ isn't everything. I do
>have that going for me, and I'm tall, generally fit, and don't
>have any genetic diseases that I know about (there is some
>evidence that Meniere's disease is heritable but it is weak).
>But the bank wants someone with a very high sperm count so
>inseminations are more successful, and the consumers want donors
>with a wide variety of desirable traits and absence of bad ones.
>For instance, they like athletic ability and some evidence of
>industry and ambition (such as business or academic achievement).
>I score low on both those scales. I can also nearly guarantee a
>son that will be bald when he's 30, and with a strong likelihood
>of heart problems (I somehow managed to avoid the family heart
>problems so far--no such luck with the hairline). And of course
>with artifical insemination, I can't take advantage of my
>abundant sexual talents. :)
>My best chances for procreation are going to be doing it the
>old fashioned way: charming the pants off a woman who likes
>computer nerds.
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