Re: Extropian Party Platform

Anders Sandberg (
12 Oct 1999 20:45:23 +0200

Brian D Williams <> writes:

> Think Tank time:
> The Extropian Party Platform,

I'm joining into the choir of "Why a party?!". It doesn't really make sense to make a transhumanist or extropian party, because our views are not all-encompassing: what is transhumanist labour policy? How would an extropian foreign policy look like?

What we can (and should) think of is what issues and ideas that are relevant to us we would like to see in the party programs around the world. That is a good start; in the long run the current politicial systems are going to go away, but at that point the future forms of transhumanism will hopefully be around, influencing whatever polities exist then.

My guess is that the issues of high interest for transhumanists in politics are mainly education (making it better, more widespread and more usable) and freedom (especially morphological and economic freedom). Technology and environmental issues may come up too, of course, but they are not as central and in many cases sub-issues fall under the freedom part.

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