barking mad rules, ok

Damien Broderick (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:28:02 +0000

The admirable Greg Burch sez:

< Here's a particularly chilling German combination of green pseudoscience and
Christian religiosity: >

Hilarious and awful stuff (especially since some of it sounds - very creepily for me, I can tell ya - like a taking-it-literally parody of some playful ideas in my 1980 sf novel THE DREAMING DRAGONS).

To wit:

Every program is stored in more than one place in a person: in his brain and in his soul garments. But that is not all. We are the microcosm in the macrocosm. This means what is stored in us is also stored in the macrocosm, in the stars and planets of the material cosmos as well as in the purification planes of the souls.

And so, the following process takes place: What is stored in the brain cells goes into the soul. The soul then stores it in the material planets the visible
stars as well as in the fine-material planets, which store the spiritual information, and which thus far we have neither seen nor grasped by means of science. From the macrocosm the material and fine-material planets this information, the impulse, radiates back into the soul and the brain of the
person at the appropriate time, setting effects into motion in and on the person, which become noticeable in the course of his lifetime, of his destiny, according to the law: what you sow you will reap. The result is that you harvest what you have previously sown.

Additional recordings take place in our genes, in the cells of our body. The DNA, that twisted ladder, is a molecule which is a transmitter and receiver of wavelengths; this has already been proven scientifically. In its structure, the DNA-molecule can simply be compared to the ferrite antenna of a radio. In other words, the gene is not only a precisely and finely constructed material structure with a specific function, but this molecule can also receive and emit vibrations. This means that it sends and receives, each time on its own particular frequency. This antenna, the gene, is not only capable of receiving spiritual and mental impulses, but also all types of radiations from the cosmos which have an effect on the person, that is, radiations from the stars as well as planets and radiations originating here on earth.

Since each gene is a transmitter and receiver, this makes the entire person a transmitter and, at the same time, a receiver tuned to very specific frequencies by way of his programs.

Gotta love those fine-matter planets. Oh no, could they be made out of... *dark matter*?

Here's a nice bit from the dark ages. Expect to see more of this craziness:

Seen spiritually, there is an important difference between identical twins which came about naturally, and cloned living beings. Twins as well as all other natural multiple births each have their own soul, each are their own person with different programs. Nor are their bodies identical. The soul forms its earthly body according to its own specific structure, its consciousness. Stated simply, souls are one-of-a-kind. They cannot be duplicated, they cannot be reproduced. Each soul and each human being with a soul is a child of God with a unique mentality, with unique traits, abilities and talents.

By cloning we can only reproduce the human body. A body without a soul is dead. But if a body is "alive," if it speaks and moves, an energy bearer, a life force, must be in that body.

Since the soul exists only as one and the body two or even more times, what is in the other bodies? Who or what uses this empty body as its house? Who or what looks at us from the eyes of a cloned human body?

It cannot be a soul with a high degree of purification, for such a one no longer strives for self-realization on earth, and would in any case not play along, since it respects the divine laws.

Who or what else could it be?

Could it perhaps be a burdened soul, a base soul with little of its own life force? Could it perhaps be a demon, who takes this opportune chance? Or is it a part of a demonic energy field which is "investing" here?

But one thing is clear: Cloning, of animals or humans, is not in accordance with the laws of God, nor to all standards of ethics and morals. Whoever promotes, or even carries out such experiments should be asked what forces are influencing him. After all that has been stated here, he should not hesitate
to reflect deeply on these things: For we attract that negativity which still lies within us and has not yet been cleared up.

Some readers may think this is all some kind of fantasy.

Golly, whatever could have given them that idea?

Damien Broderick