Re: Reforming Education

John Clark (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 01:38:43 -0400

Lee Daniel Crocker <

>The way to keep schools competitive is just to let them
>compete; nothing more, nothing less. Just piling more and
> more tests and mandates and controls and other top-down
> imposed-order crap will just compound the bureaucracy.

You seem to think I disagree with this, I don't. I was saying how I'd run a school if I was in charge, run your school anyway you like. I think my school would do better than yours but we'd soon know if I'm wrong and if so I'll try things your way. I have no ideology in this I just want what works. The key is to let the schools be part of the free market, then maybe even a slum would have as many good schools as good cars.

>If you give bureaucrats power to make the sstate-imposed system
> better, they'll use that power for their own purposes, not
> those intended.

Obviously the first step in reforming education would be to dump all state schools and go private.

John K Clark