Re: >H MEDIA: "Transhumanist Media & PR Binder"

Kathryn Aegis (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:53:29

This is my own last word on the matter, because Doug has said it all. I agree with every word that Doug has written. To the extent that people disagree, or they don't know the whole story, that's fine. I believe in respect and
cooperation, not this:

At 04:21 PM 10/10/99 -0400, Doug Bailey wrote:
>Natasha's comments exhibit the type of scorecard-mentality that I think
>has no place in transhumanist (or any other) fora. What is it that
>you feel you are owed? Some devotional at the beginning of any product
>designed to promote or contribute to transhumanism? This same thing
>occurred when Nick published the Transhumanist FAQ. Your first comments
>were nitpicking about who or what wasn't credited with this or that.
>No one cares who coined this term or who knows who or who shook whose
>hand. If you're concerned with furthering the concept of transhumanism
>then great, I'll consider your comments. But I see no reason to do so
>when you're only concerned with patting yourself on the back.
>I've said it before, I'll say it again. Put your scorecard down.
>Doug Bailey
>There is no area
>that is the exclusive domain of anyone.