Re: COMP/NEURO: Images Extracted from Cat Brain

Clint O'Dell (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 13:45:21 MDT

>You have applied this concept as I intended to do, but I
>didn't want send a post of unconventional length. And
>what a relief! I have experimented with the placement
>of digital and analog clocks, set the alarms of two such
>that one is set to the desired time, another to either a
>time before or after the desired time, and so on, and
>the result is invariably the same, regardless of how long I
>have slept: I always wake up spontaneously just in time
>to turn the earliest alarm off! No one I know shares this
>experience -- except, now, you! I'm at a loss to explain
>it, although those who claim to practice "lucid dreaming"
>or who assert that "out of body experiences" occur in
>fact would probably explain it that way. These accounts
>do not satisfy either my curiosity or my intelligence.

I do this too, as well as serveral of my friends. I can set the alarm to go off 1 hour after I've gone to bed and wake up exactly 1 minute before the alarm goes off. It doesn't matter what time I set the alarm I'll always wake up exactly 1 minute before the alarm goes off.

I do have an answer for this that is kinda bizzare. My friends conversate with me when I sleep. It can be about any subject and I can be dreaming any dream and I'll respond and communicate just as I would if I were awake. I've been told a few times I've actualy sat up and looked at them (eyes open) and talked even though I was fast a sleep. Having lived on my own and not many people visit over night I don't know if I still do this, but I think perhaps we all have someother consciousness that keeps track of things like time.

I can picture someone reading this saying I must have multiple personalities but I doubt that because people who have them don't remember events while they do them. I learned to create and destroy personalities at will and I always remember and am always in control. I think because I've done so much exploration of my own mind mainly through meditation and while sleeping (being aware I'm sleeping and controlling my environment while monitoring what's going on) that I continue to do so sometimes without thinking about it. That would explain being able to talk to someone while I'm a sleep.

If anyone has simular experiences at this level I would definately like to hear about them.

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