Re: Reforming Education

John Clark (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:44:20 -0400

In most schools the pay a teacher receives is not based on how well he teaches but on how many degrees he has, and not just any degree, only particularly silly ones in something caused "education" count. This leads to absurdities such as a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry not being allowed to teach high school chemistry. The policy also maximizes the wrong thing, not smart kids but just the amount of parchment a teacher possesses.

I'm almost embarrassed to point out the obvious but the only way to tell a good teacher from a bad one is to see how well they teach. Have all students in a given grade take a standardized test, this would really be a test of the teachers not the students. Teachers with students in the top 20% would get a raise, those in the top 5% would get a big raise, those in the top 1% would get rich, those in the bottom 20% would get a pay cut , those in the bottom 5% would get a big pay cut and those in the bottom 1% would get fired.

I'm sure the National Education Association would really hate this policy and that's pretty good evidence it's a good idea

John K Clark