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> >I must say I could not disagree with this more. The increase of the
> >education level of the general population is a desireable thing in and of
> >itself, if for no other reason than it makes each individual more a more
> >productive contributor to the economy.
> Desirable for who? The people themselves? Who makes up the people?
> Individuals.

Desireable for the group as a whole, and the individual members of that group (or at least the majority thereof). Where your right as an individual to remain an ignorant and unproductive member of society conflicts with my right as an individual not to have to support you economically, I think that my right should prevail. Similarly, that can be applied to the group as a whole; the rights of all those individual members of the group translates into a collective right of the group, as defined by the rights of the majority of individuals.

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