Autistic Savants

Clint O'Dell (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 19:59:08 MDT

I have an idea why Savants exist.

I agree with the counter argument that it's practice that allows these people to do what they do. Their brains are wired to consintrate in one particular area. Normal people usely are interested in all types of different things. But Autistics only use one part of their brain to solve problems, and that would explain their inability to do anything else. For example: The person who knows what day it will be on any given date can do this because he/she noticed a pattern at some moment in his/her life and got stuck there. Their brain is stuck in some sort of feed back loop.

Normal brain

        |  |\    |

---|--| o---.----

Autistic brain

        |  |\    |

---|--| o---.
|/ ______________________________________________________
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