Re: Making people passive NOT!

Clint O'Dell (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 18:25:20 MDT

>IMHO is too frequently used by the squeamish to get out of taking
>responsibility to do what needs to be done to punish the wicked and
>attain justice for the victimized.

Why do we need to punish the wicked?

Why is it important to attain justice for the victim?

Justice for the victim is not necessary.

Punishment is only necessary if the "wicked" learn and change from it. Killing a murderer doesn't teach him anything, it does set an example for other would be murderers.

Instead of trying to rule we should try to reason. Fallacy of emotion is error. It is illogical reasoning. Fallacy of force is error. It is illogical reasoning.

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