Re: Controlling the male sex drive
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 14:52:31 -0400

Eliezer writes:
>Regardless of how the relative strengths show up, you are simply not
>going to get me to believe that male and female sex drives don't >express themselves in qualitatively different ways.

I didn't contend that. Our socialization leads us to express the sex drive in different fashion. Women are taught to disguise their advances, to pretend that they aren't pursuing someone, to use passive-aggression. Signs are that more women are throwing off that conditioning.

>For that matter, you're not
>going to get me to believe that they're equally strong (although you
>might be able to convince me that it's stronger in the female) simply
>because I don't see any forces balancing the two.

I'm not going to get you to read basic sociological, medial and psychological research either, but that's another matter.

In my mind, this is just another instance of supposedly forwardlooking persons perpuating moldy stereotypes. Time to move on.

Kathryn Aegis