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Wed, 06 Oct 1999 21:49:38 -0700

that's funny cause I just read in yesterday's LA Times that licorice is a stimulant for females' sex drive. this seems like a ripe area of interesting receptor/signal transduction research.

wish I had the paper and a proper ref, but I don't. it's in a front page article about farming alternatives.


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On Wed, 06 Oct 1999 17:18:54   Mike Linksvayer wrote:

>Someone wrote in June:
>> I'm tired of being dominated by my hormones. I waste vast amounts of
>> time and energy thinking about and having sex, and I'm constantly
>> being distracted by sexual thoughts. Sometimes I think it would be
>> better--now that I've sired all the children I plan to--to just get
>> out of the sex game altogether. (I'm 39, married, three children.)
>> Castration would be a little extreme (permanent) and I don't know
>> exactly what the effects would be. I'm sure there are drugs that can
>> help, but I don't know how effective they are, how safe they are for
>> long-term use, or even what they're called or how to get them.
>> Is there any practical relief for this problem available today?
> Three Italian doctors warn in a letter published in Thursday's
> New England Journal of Medicine that glycyrrhizic acid, the
> active ingredient in licorice, suppressed sex hormone levels in
> seven men in their 20s.
> Just 7 grams of licorice a day over four days was enough to
> reduce the amount of testosterone by an average of 44 percent.
> Hormone levels returned to normal after four days of abstinence,
> said the team led by Dr. Decio Armanini of the University of
> Padua.
> [...]
> ``The amounts of licorice given to these men are eaten by many
> people,'' they said. ``Thus, men with decreased libido or other
> sexual dysfunction ... should be questioned about licorice
> ingestion.''
>The complete letter with references is available at
>Many other benefits and very few contraindications are claimed for
>licorice. See, for example
><>. (I
>can't vouch for the credibility of this site -- anyone have a favorite
>guide to herbal medicines on the net?)
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