Re: Degrees vs. smarts
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 22:41:40 EDT

I'm not very good at using this mailing list, but whoever wrote the last section about everyone not being passionate about their fields just because of having a degree - good for you! I hope to go back to college only to gain information to help me do my future job and to gain credentials our
(narrow-minded) society requires for work as a counselor. You may say
counselors need college/degrees but the ones I've been a client of didn't learn enough to do anything for me I couldn't have done for myself. In fact, some have given destructive advice, I can attest to being a victim of that myself. Whoever started this thread must've read my mind because just this year I started to realize that college doesn't mean you're educated - my neighbor, while working on her master's in counseling (purely coincidental), asked my mom "Who's Churchill?" Mom did confirm she meant Winston Churchill. I'd love to get on a soapbox about this education stuff but who would listen to me? (I have no degree). My mom may have been joking but she said I shouldn't get too publically vocal about this or I could end up like Malcolm X or MLK. <half smile> She knows me well enough to know how passionate I am about this topic. Enough said.

Sherry in Philly, PA