Re: CRYO: Reanimation options

Robin Hanson (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 09:46:36 -0400

Greg Burch wrote:

> > >Do people in thinking about cryonics select between the various
> > >options I can see: ...
> > > (b) Reanimate using the first upload technology. ...
> >
> > That is my choice. I expect the first unfrozen will be uploads,
> > and the first uploads will be the unfrozen.
>Same here. If I have to go down for the cold sleep, I don't expect to be
>initially reanimated as a meat machine. And, having the advantages and
>options available to an upload, it seems hard to imagine choosing the
>limitations of an original model (even augmented) organic human body again.

We agree on the choice, but I'm more ambivalent on the consequences. I think uploads will really miss meat bodies for a long while. The upload world will be alien and weird in many ways. An analogy is how the poor went to the cities while the old-money stayed in the country. The city was alien, less comfortable, and less healthy, and so the rich preferred to stay in the country. But many poor went where the jobs were, in the city. So did the rich who understood that the cities were where the future lie.

I think the life of an upload will be far more alien that city life was long ago for country bumpkins. For perhaps a long time, there will be no upload children, and the modeling of all the ways in which our bodies influence our minds will be crude and wanting. It will be like living on the edge of insanity in many ways. But I think it is where the future lies, nonetheless.

Another analogy is that of hunter-gathering vs. farming. Farming was arguably a harsher less comfortable life, but it was where the future lie still.

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