extropians: Multiple realities and borganism

Multiple realities and borganism

Mon, 4 Oct 1999 02:48:45 EDT

Was wondering what people thought of the idea of a borganism, originally multiples, which would have units in physical space and cyberspace. We'll keep our initial borganism down to two units for now. Let's say we start with a cryo patient that we want to upload, and the patient couldn't decide whether to become just software or to get a new body, so they do both. The personalities of our cyber unit (C-unit) and physical unit (P-unit) start out identical, and we use some heavy telecommunications hardware and software to keep a high bandwidth comm channel between the two, through which they exchange memories realtime, but any other data is carefully vetted (on the theory that it is safer to have a false memory than a false personality download) by conscious introspection. What do you think it would be like to be this borganism? How closely connected would they have to be to truly stay one. If they started diverging personalities, how would it affect their sense of identity given that they operate in such different environments? For example, I could see our borganism interpreting differences in personality between the C-unit and P-unit as how it feels in different situations (yah know, I'm much more artistic in c-space than in p-space, but I like having a custom body out here in p-space all to myself, helps with my current experiments, though I do most of the modeling in c-space). What would be the advantages and disadvantages to trying for the best of all worlds?

Glen Finney
A Borganism of One<g>