Nanomedicine (book)

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Sun, 3 Oct 1999 15:19:56 -0700

*New $10,000
Challenge Grant
for Nanomedicine During 1998 a first challenge grant partially supported writing the first volume of Nanomedicine. Foresight is now sponsoring a second Challenge Grant to support the completion of Volumes II and III of Nanomedicine. The first volume of Nanomedicine, by IMM Research Fellow Robert A. Freitas Jr., will be published by Landes Bioscience, a leading publisher of medical textbooks, in October 1999.

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Nanomedicine, to be published in three volumes, will be the first book to comprehensively address the technical issues involved in the medical applications of molecular nanotechnology and medical nanodevice design. The book outline and a sample chapter can be previewed on the Foresight Web site (

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