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<< [UV laser taser]

Yes, and it should be easier to engage multiple targets too. No more (single use) wires, just point and fire 'till your out of juice. Quick reloading shouldn't be a problem either; just slam in a fresh magazine-shaped battery and you're ready to go. Very neat.>>

Very good points, sounds almost like a weapon that could meet most of my criteria. Of course, there is still the problem of whether the voltage you would need to guarantee imobilization would also lead to a fair number of fatalities. We really need more info about this option. Is this UV laser taser concept one that can actually work?

<<That would be nasty indeed. Perhaps the good old single-heavy-
needle approach (used to sedate wild animals) is still the best. Or, as a compromize, you could fire 2-5 medium-sized projectiles at once.>>

Or maybe we just need a dart weapon that can fire three round bursts quickly. We're still left with the problem of dosage. Maybe a semiauto would do. Shoot the attacker, and keep shooting until down. If the agent was fast enough, then you could modulate dosage by observing effect. With good enough training you coud do a quick gage of how many rounds you might need to start with to take down the aggressor (hmm, over 200 lbs I'd say, better double tap him<g>).

Glen Finney