Re: BOOKS The Molecular Biology Of The Cell

Spike Jones (
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 21:28:26 -0700

Jeff Davis wrote:

> ...I fully expect, as the truth is revealed, to be dazzeled by the fractal
> elegance and complexity and beauty of natures art.

Well said Jeff. Me too. {8^D While discussing nanomachines with a group of coworkers today, I noticed they didnt seem to understand my comment that we already *have* nanomachines running around in our bodies, repairing damage, taking out harmful...foreign nanomachines. They were uniformly under the impression that nanomachines had to be made of silicon, like 7 of 9's. They thought there is something different about carbon based microrganisms and a replicating assembler. Am I missing something, or is there some fundamental reason why a replicating assembler must be made of something other than carbon? Seems like carbon is an ideal material for that purpose. spike