Re: E4

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 17:47:46 -0500

"Harry S. Hawk" wrote:

> Personally I think it would be good to hold in on the east coast for a
> change, get some media converage from the eastern media etc. Hold it
> at a Univ./College, etc.

Yeah, definitely. I doubt though that the MIT administration would be interested any time soon.....;)

It also depends on what media you want to play to. If its the TV media, you need a cool high tech exhibition to go with it, for some good photo opportunities, perhaps some artificial intelligence competition/Turing Test or autonomous vehicle demonstration or some such.

If its just the print media, its more a matter of what reporters you invite and how much of their tab you comp for them (while letting them keep the receipts, of course), and what sort of memetic package you program them with in the media kit beforehand....

Mike Lorrey