Re: Recent Readings of List Members

Jutta.Stoeckel (
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 08:45:20 +0100 wrote:
> I am compiling my own personal reading list for the coming year. I'd like to
> know what some of the recent books you've read in the past year. I don't care
> what the topic is, it does not even have to be dealing with transhumanist or
> extropian topics. I would appreciate any feedback I get. I've learned to
> appreciate the often eclectic tastes of the members of this list.
> Additionally, I find it hard to search all the books out there for interesting
> titles. The collective efforts of the members on this list would serve as a
> great boon for me! :) Hopefully, other members will benefit from the feedback
> I get from this also.
> Happy New Year!
> Sep

Hello - Happy New Year to you, too!

We highly recommend "BUGS IN THE SYSTEM. Insects and Their Impact on Human Affairs" by May R. Berenbaum.

Sabine Stoeckel and Jutta Stoeckel