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Wed, 30 Dec 1998 02:10:11 EST

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> Oh yes, and age is irrelevant - until you realize that the 20-somethings
> "noticed" you're older (plastic surgery doesn't always make you look 25
> again.) and aren't "including" you the way they do their age-peers. Yes,
> ve
> noticed this happening to me for years now. :/ Oh, they include you in
> idle
> conversation and business endeavors just as well as their peers, but when
> comes to really hanging around with you and trying to make you into a
> it's another story. And yes, I've noticed that not many 25 year olds have
> 45
> year olds as best friends. Advice for now? I've decided to just get used
> to
> it, not worry about it, be amused by it if possible and put my social
> contact
> attention into the 35 and up crowd. :)

I find this rather odd. Maybe it's a gender thing...I dunno.

In MY experience the "kids"...that is anyone under forty but particularly under thirty , try to "suck up" to ME. ( I'm forty eight next month)...they try to prove how "big and bad" they are....that they can do things just as well as I can. (Driving a truck...interstate Owner Operator...Heavy Haul)

Of course they can't. Old age and deceitfulness will overcome youth and ability everytime. ('s experience. I've been there and done that Sooooooooo many times...the young guys haven't a clue.)

And anyway...why should I CARE if some young punk includes me in his kindergarten peer group or not?

Oh Well...

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