Re: Great books for young people?

Jutta.Stoeckel (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 09:04:04 +0100

You wrote:
> I am trying to suggest some good book to a 16yo correspondent
> with a religious background who is trying to find interesting ways
> to look at the world and see what's out there.
> Do you have any suggestions of books that could open somebody's
> mind to the marvels of science, provide interesting new views on
> science, religion, world, and humans, or generally inspire, without
> being too specialized, or difficult?
> What books impressed you most when you were in high school?
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We got a wonderful book by Colin A. Ronan "The Natural History of the Universe.
>From the Big Bang to the End of Time" (Marshall Editions, 170 Piccadilly, London
W1V 9DD). It has many beautiful (and helpful) pictures and fotos, and as we both are no scientific professionals we found it very inspiring to learn more about science. The last chapters give you information on the Anthropic Principle or the theory that new universes are created out of the remains of the old ones. And there is also a glossary and bios of the most important scientists in history. Everything is explained very carefully, always pointing out that there is still more to discover. We're sure there are now newer books (it's from 1991), but we think it's a good start.