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Hara Ra (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 22:48:41 -0800

<expletives deleted>

I question YOUR agenda. I am a survivor of emotional abuse and I know full well what it is. Standing in the corner of your room is not the point. Shame is the point. There IS a difference, here's an example:

Non abuse:

(calm tone of voice)

"Drawing on the wall is not acceptable. Go stand in the corner until I tell you otherwise. I love you, and don't love your behaviour"


(rising, loud hysterical shout)

"You stupid shit! Don't fuck up the wall. Your sister is younger than you and She doesn't scrawl on the wall. You lousy twerp, asshole! Go to the goddamn corner and DON'T leave UNTIL I TELL YOU TO, IDIOT!"

Maybe you were abused, and am in denial..... :(

Charlie Stross:
>However, they draw a rather _wide_ definition of child abuse: for example,
>"Emotional abuse exists when the parent creates a negative emotional
>atmosphere for the child. Examples are when the parent makes continued
>unfavorable comparisons to a sibling, when the parent makes the child
>feel bad because he/she is not perfect, or when the parent uses shameful
>forms of punishment."
>I dunno about you, but being told to go stand in the corner because I'd
>been bad wasn't an entirely alien experience to me as a child, and it
>certainly didn't make me grow up bitter and twisted. But by the GCCA's
>definition I'm a victim of child abuse.

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