Evil Corporations.

Tue, 22 Dec 1998 12:38:22 EST

In Reference to an earlier thread.

o According to "Patterns of Corporate Philanthropy,"

       published annually by the Capital Research Center, 
       companies donate three times as much to liberal, pro-
       government organizations as to conservative, pro-market 
       public affairs groups.

and oddly.

o ............., Boeing is eliminating 48,000 jobs this year

       and chalked up a $178 million loss last year -- yet it 
       gave away $51.3 million in 1997.

One conclusion I draw from this is that liberals are really good at begging. And possibly....

"Some analysts wise to the ways of corporate philanthropy contend that what's good for a corporate chief who seeks plaudits for social responsibility isn't necessarily good for his shareholders."

Sources: Marriane Jennings (Arizona State University) and Craig Cantoni (Capstone Consulting Group), "An Uncharitable Look at Corporate Philanthropy," Wall Street Journal, December 22. 1998.

Oddly enough I would think that the corporate officers should have the best interests of the corporation in mind. to spend corporate monies in such a way as to impede the business is contraproductive? Perhaps even suicidal?

o PNC Bank gave $97,000 to ACORN -- an activist group that

       lobbies for higher taxes and stricter enforcement of 
       banking regulations.