Re: Nostradamus (was Re: Extropian Statement??)

my inner geek (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 00:12:46 +0800

Hal Finney <>:

> Before after Mars to reign by good luck

You wouldn't be talking about my mother, Marsha Dawn, would you?

And reign of terror? That must be the media lab's button pushing!

Hmmm. 1999 final solution. Sounds almost Nazi, doesn't it.

You wouldn't be promoting the "kill file" approach to herd management, would you?

Personally, if Hitler had more antidepressants, he probably would have skipped the cattle cars, ovens and gas chambers, and yes, even the THEL laze the NAC tactics. If his seratonin levels were higher, and he didn't have to worry about VD, he'd probably have resorted to simple bribery and printing of Mickey Money, IMO.

Now, to North Korea and Baghdad....

Does Hal Finney remember the movie "LOOKER", with Albert Finney?

In this movie, supermodels were scanned into supercomputers and animated in VR to provide hypnotic and seductive super sales pitches for advertisers wares.

Another interesting gadget presented in the flick was a "stunner" that could stop people's consciousness temporarily, while handymen went about their business rearranging things in the environment.

I'm not sure what the black box folks call these things. I've nicked named them "stunned-like-a-deer-in-a-daze-in-headlights", which shortens to "stunned-like-a-deer", or simply, "deer-in-a-daze".

I'm thinking this: entertain them all into being happily educated and rational compatible cooperative stewards and tourists. Maybe, some water supply birth control, coupled with deer-in-a-daze artificial insemination, or something like that. I'm sure that's how reproduction on earth is currently being managed by the Looker Lab eugenecists.

Who needs another genocide or Holocaust?

I'd much prefer a hempfest orgy of hedonists!