Re: Cryonics Thoughts

Rebecca Everton (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 15:46:40 PST

>4) Is life insurance even Transhuman? I'm betting I'll die before my
>>family does. The whole point of being transhuman is that I DON'T
>But you have to get to the time when immortalist technology is routine.
>only way I know of is via the Dewar.
>>I'd almost rather spend the money on staying healthy - supplements,
>And even if you get 50 more years, you die, dead, the real death.
>>Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Why is are you so worried about dying anyway? You never existed for billions of years before you were born, and that isn't too frightening a thought, to why should not existing again be so terribe?

Besides what if you die and it is a pleasurable experience(....maybe there is a heaven) and then you get brought back from it to spend another 50 years in this grim old place, surrounded by scientists doing tests on you, in an alien world, where probably all your friends and family have died, leaving you all alone. .....And to think you never went on that holiday to Hawii in your original life, just to pay for the priviledge......


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