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>Mike wrote:
>>YOU voted for the fat government programs YOU want. If you want them so
>>then YOU pay for it, dammit.
>Samael returned:
>>He voted for his PPA to take money from people living in his area. Why
>>didn't your PPA fight back?
>Because it's the same monopoly "PPA" that "serves" them both, of course.
>I don't get the point of your response, Samael. Why do you refer to a
>"government" as a PPA? A PPA is a voluntary association that arises due to
>market demand. It has little in common with an organization that claims a
>monopoly on the use of force in a certain territory, and prevents
>competition by force of arms.

Because many, many people believe that their government is acting reasonably (at least some of the time). They are happy (ish) with their representatives. While it is not a true PPA, it is acting as if it thinks it is (governments frequently refer to themselves as servants of the people). However, it's an organisation that's now claimed a monopoly on it's area (although I've seen it claimed elsewhere here that PPA's would have to have a monopoly on the area they cover) and is 'out of control'.

Strikes me as a likely situation in a libertarian society, and therefore something you ought to be able to cope with. So why aren't you?