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Sun, 20 Dec 1998 12:29:47 -0800

> At 09:57 PM 12/18/98 EST, EvMick wrote:
> >> Luckily we're now devolving to this point.
> >what's a de-volve? How is it possible to de-volve?

to evolve does not necessarily mean to get better, it means to become better adapted to ones environment, specifically for the purposes of leaving larger litters. in the current welfare state of the u.s., the best adapted is the teenage welfare mama. while intellectuals agonize for years over the decision to bring one offspring into the world, their better adapted counterpart has already sired three or four, most of which will survive to reproduce. in the current environment, it is not at all clear that intelligence inhances survivability.

if extropians figure out how to clone high iq offspring, we will, in the current environment at least, be devolving. {8-[ spike