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> > I want to see everyone have all the freedom they can have without
> > interfering in the same freedoms of others, and where freedoms
> > come into conflict with each other, the conflicts should be resolved
> > by means of equal and proportional compromise. Joe
> In that case...I agree with you ........mostly...(not sure about
> "proportional compromise")
> So how come you were saying all the other stuff earlier which contradicts this
> stance?
> EvMick
When freedoms come into conflict, we need referees to decide what is equal and proportional (a judiciary), who must decide what is equal and proportional in each specific case on the basis of general and generally agreed-upon norms (a constitution and laws). For those who nevertheless obstinately insist upon exercising excessive freedom at the expense of the freedoms of others, enforcement of their arbitration is required (an executive). To update the agreedupon norms in response to evolving circumstances (genetics, atomics, computers, etc. ad infinitum) without contradicting either the spirit or the letter of the pre-existing norms, a deliberative body is required (a legislative). Far from contradicting what I said earlier, the realization of the ideal of maximum individual freedom within a society of many equals to any degree in fact requires it. Joe