clone your perfect mate - order now! (please allow one generation for delivery)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 21:16:09 EST

Hello all... forgive any naivety in this first post .. .. .

I am pro-genetic engineering, giving evolution a kick up the ass and all that..
but, since total godhood is still some time away, I would just like to throw out
some ideas re: the functionality of human cloning... (since it's here and now)

the question is not "can it be done?" the question is not "will it be done?"

my question is "what is it good for?"

if clones become a preferrable alternative to children, it seems that all physical evolution would suddenly come to a virtual stand-still . . . no losses . . no gains. . . just the same genetic material over and over . . ..

yes, i know it is unlikely that all natural child-reproduction would cease, but undoubtedly the random(ish)-selection involved in gene-mixing would slow...

thoughts on this?

(and now the more radical part of my post)

Since clones would basically be 'us', they must be given the same basic rights etc. as everyone else.. . . including the right to breed. . ..


(consider 'clones have the right to breed' to be point #1)

<<switching lines of thought>>

Can a 'clone' of yourself be manipulated to the opposite sex? I imagine they must be able to be.. as regular humans can be... and the earlier in development this occurs the easier it is.. (pre-natal even)

(consider 'you can create a clone of yourself in the opposite sex' point

do you see where i'm going yet?

assumption: a great deal of what we call personality/character/nature

                        is determined by genetics . . . .

     Want the truely 'perfect mate'?   someone just like you?     
       the answer is obvious...  CREATE A FUCKABLE CLONE!!     


. .. . well, the answer's not that simple... with clones having full civil-rights

i'm not speaking of sex-slaves or anything like that...

     investing would be a gamble....   
      but, chances are good, you're not going to reject 'yourself' .  . .

     (consider 'you could breed with your own genetic material' to be point

I think anyone with a basic understanding of science and psychology knows that this will eventually happen.. and will appeal to a large number

of lonely human-beings . ..

Now, it turn it over to those with a better understanding of genetics . . .

this sounds like ultimate inbreeding to me . . . is there danger in it? or is a couple like this only going to give birth to what is basically another clone?